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Diana and Jesse

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

October 7, 2001 - Diana was at Stinky’s Bar and Grill, with Ana and Jaime, (my niece and nephew). They got me out of the house to cheer me up and to just get away. This is the night I met this very handsome man, he said his name was Jesse Sandoval, well at least that’s what he wrote on the cocktail napkin along with his number. Fast forward To March 19,2022, we decided to take Jabba (our fur baby) for a walk, And Ana joined us today, (nice surprise to me
) Funny thing was Jesse insisted on walking all the way to the other Starbucks across town, in the Shopping center where Stinky’s Bar and Grill used to be. We took pictures reminiscing of the fact we met here almost 21 years ago and that we were with Ana that night too. We got home from our walk and Jesse wanted to take me to lunch at Lo Mejor de Jalisco for lunch (a reminder of our first date) after lunch Jesse wanted to go to Guadalupe (he says “since we are in this side of town. . .WHAT?, but I went along with it), he insisted on going to to my Daddy’s gravesite, (I never question going to the cemetery and I didn’t think any different today) he was a bit more interested this time, again I didn’t question it, I just thought he was extra emotional today. We also visited his Mama’s tree of life that day. I guess it was a cemetery kinda day, because we went to visit my sister in law, Tootsie, our great niece, Aubrey, my dear friend Dora and finally my Mama’s grave. At each site Jesse stayed back a bit to say his goodbye’s (I thought) then it was time to go home. Everything seemed quite normal, but the minute I walked in the door at home, I noticed flowers to the right, with a cookie tin, a picture of my Mama. I thought, hmm! Is it my Mama’s birthday. (No) hmm? I then see stuff on the table (popcorn balls, Easter basket, fried rice, grandma’s cookies and homemade tortillas) and then my EJ, comes out with Codi on one foot and Tiffany on the other, acting like Godzilla (just like they used to when they were little) I see Family coming out of the second living room, from upstairs, from outside, even my Ada,from Italy on the phone. As I’m processing what is happening, Jesse grabs my hands and tells me the reason for the days events, walking to Starbucks was to take me back to where we first met, lunch where we had our first date, to see my Daddy and my Mama so he can ask their permission, to see his Mama’s tree of life, Tootsie and Dora because they were important to us both, And then all the traditions at the house the kids recreated everything for me,traditions that Jesse hadn’t experienced until he was apart of our family. . .
Friends and Family thanks for reading this far, but this will not disappoint I promise.
Jesse and my kids planned this beautiful day for me so Jesse could get down on one knee to profess his love for me and to ask me for my hand in marriage.
Yes My Love I will marry you💕

I’M ENGAGED!! 💍❤️❤️❤️
It was a perfect day!
Thank you Jesus, Jesse, my Babies and My Family❤️